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You can identify this stone by it’s rushing lavender and violet hues swirled around white patches. Often mistaken as a manmade stone, Charoite is a divine gift from Mother Nature found only in Siberia. Charoite was first found in the 1940’s in the Charo River Valley of Eastern Siberia, Russia. This is still the only […]

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A stone used in Ancient times to protect the dead on the their journey to the after life. A stone of motivation, courage, endurance and leadership this fiery red orange stone captivates your eye with its sunset glow. The stone is made up of red, orange and shades of amber Chalcedony Quartz. Often you will […]

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Moldavite   Last week this extraterrestrial stone came to me in my dream. I woke up with the image of this green glass stone in my head and had the strong desire to learn more. I thought it was only fitting to include Moldavite as this week’s #MINERALCRUSHMONDAY.   Moldavite is native only to Czechoslovakia […]

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Pear Cut or Square Shape These Rocks won’t Loose Shape ~ DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND! The Facts Diamond is the hardest mineral, greatest conductor of heat, has the highest melting point of any substance and the highest refractive point than any other natural mineral. Diamonds display great luster and brilliance giving the gemstone […]