Meditation with Crystals

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Crystals are a beautiful treasure created by Mother Nature, filled with vibrant energy. For generations people have been using crystals in all forms of healing and meditation. Structure, shape, hardness, color, chemical make up, and lustre are the key to how each stone aides in healing.

 As both a believer in the physiological and transformational powers of crystals, as well as, a yoga and meditation teacher; Gabrielle Stratton ( ) was always looking for ways to share this magic with others. Her meditation practice started many moons ago at a small belly dancing and healing studio when she was sixteen years old. She accredits her meditation practice to helping to shape and instill a sense of freedom in the daily constraints of life. Upon graduating from art school, Gabrielle had the luck of moving into a thriving community of artists, surfers and thinkers in Venice Beach, where upon we met. As neighbors and friends we built a relationship around magical happenings and shift in life. We talked late nights of crystal magic and meditation, which inspired her to dig deeper into the transformative nature of crystals. She was hooked and began her quest into a deeper form of healing through crystal collection and meditation.

 After a few years of building business separately it only seemed natural for GiGi Stone and Gabrielle Stratton Yoga to find some sort of complimentary merge. Together we have come up with a special gift for my Gems & Stoners.  We thought it only natural and organic to offer a 5-10 minute meditation based around the stone of your purchase, guided by Gabrielle. If you’ve never meditated, this is a wonderful way to get started. If you’re a seasoned practitioner this a great way to invite a new view into your practice. We hope you find a sense of ease, well-being and gratefulness through these meditations and are so happy we can share this with you.


Meditate with Amethyst

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