Intention Necklaces


Crystals hold powerful energy that can be used in meditation, chakra healing, or to bring positive energy. The most important thing about working with crystals, is they are simply tools that bring your thoughts back to your intentions or goals, as our thoughts create our reality.

Each Intention is paired with the corresponding healing crystal.

How to Wear:

Set your wish with the intention, tie string around neck, wrist or ankle, ( cut excess string if needed ). When the string breaks or comes undone your intention/ wish is set out into the universe. *its ok if you lose the crystals, it deepens the wish



100% Silk String

Natural Gemstone : Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Moonstone, Amazonite


Additional information

Intention & Crystal

LOVE/Rose Quartz, PROSPERITY/Citrine, NEW BEGINNINGS/Moonstone, BALANCE/Carnelian, COMMUNICATION/Amazonite