I pair the Bolo Wrap with the affirmation I AM YOUTHFUL  .

The Bolo Wraps are versatile, wearing them however fits your style. Wrap around the neck for bolo look, around the wrist for a boho bracelet, in your hair like a hippie or around your waist like a gypsy. Wear and feel youthful


Pairing the crystal with the affirmation amplifies the intentions set.



I have a harmonizing & calming effect on the body & mind

I will amplify other stones properties & energize other crystals

Use me for meditation, manifesting, healing & channeling

Place me on the 3rd eye chakra for clarity   


I am clear quartz bonded with gold & titanium 

I expand the mind & heal the spiritual body with high vibrations 

I activate all the energy centers in the body, bringing a zest for life

I provide a full spectrum of colors, creating a rainbow 


My rich hues come from heat infusing my quartz base with metals

Move me in the light & I will delight you with an array of colors

I awaken all 7 chakras, all energy points of the body

I am alive with shimmering colors, wear me to lift spirits 

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Bolo comes in 3 crystal options : Quartz, Rainbow Aura Quartz  &  Aura Blue Quartz 

Length   52″

Every Crystal is unique in size, shape, and cluster features. 

Thank you Mother Nature for keeping us all different

Additional information

Bolo Crystal

Rainbow Aura, Blue Aura, Quartz