About GiGi Stone Jewelry:

Ashley Gee, creator of GiGi Stone Jewelry, embodies the gypsy soul who is spiritually connected to her inner goddess and the earth. Each piece in her collection holds a story of where it originated and how it connects to the wearer. The jewelry embodies a custom element and expression of the wearer’s spirit and personality while being a mix of fashion and Mother Nature’s minerals to create wearable art. GiGi will guide us through crystal readings and learning how to set positive intentions. She teachES us the meanings of crystals, stone identification and how to use crystals to inspire positive thoughts through affirmations.



Crystals hold powerful energy that can be used in meditation, chakra healing, or to bring positive energy. The most important thing about working with crystals, stones, or minerals , is that they are simply tools that bring your thoughts back to your intentions or goals, as our thoughts create our reality. These sparkling beauties are treasures from deep within containing the records of the development of the earth over millions of years. Crystals are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy, wearing or having a crystal near you can boost your energy . The more we understand about crystals the more effective they are.  As part of working with crystals we will learn about dedicating crystals to a purpose / intention and how to properly cleanse crystals.