Hardness: 9

Color: Blue, Blue- Violet, Yellow, White

KEY WORDS: Protection, Understanding, Power,

Main Chakra: Brow



Sapphires and Rubies are scientifically the same mineral, corundum. Corundum minerals in red are called Ruby and all other color varieties are referred to as Sapphire.

Sri Lanka and Africa have the most well known mines and have produced excellent gem-quality varieties of corundum.

Blue is considering the true color of Sapphire, however additional mineral compounds will create different colors of corundum. Blue Sapphire ranges in all shades of light blue to dark royal blue, with the most desired color being Kashmir, described as a “velvety cornflower blue”.

Corundum is the 2nd hardest mineral after the diamond, which ranks the hardest. The hardness has made Sapphires a valuable stone to use in watch components, movement bearings, scientific instruments, high durability windows and other electronic devices.


Myth & History:

Sapphire has been believed to bring protection, and in ancient medieval time was a symbol of strength, kindness and wise judgment. Kings and other nobility are noted for wearing Sapphire Talisman, as protection from harm and envy.

Sapphire was ground into pastes and elixirs used medically to treat inflammations and drying up infections.


Spiritual & Healing Properties:

Blue Sapphires are used in stimulating the brown and throat chakras. Dark blue or indigo Sapphire awakens the Brow Chakra, also known as the Third Eye. The third eye is the center of our perception, intuition and where our creativity and inspiration combined.

Lighter shades of Blue Sapphire balance the Throat Chakra. The throat chakra is the center of communication, expression and truth.




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