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When we hear “Crystal”, to most an image of Quartz pops up in their head. Though there are many types of crystals, Quartz can be found in abundance and is the most common mineral found on Earth. Making up more than 1/10th of our crust, Quartz is naturally found in many different shapes and sizes depending on its formation. Quartz can also be found in a variety colors such as purple, yellow, grey and pink. Today we will focus on Clear Quartz, or Rock Crystal as some call it.

For over thousands of years healers and shamans have used Clear Quartz to access the spirit world. In ancient Greece it was told that Clear Quartz had be frozen to a point of solidly and would never melt. They called it “crystallos” (spelling varies from source to source) meaning, “ICE”.

Quartz is a chemical compound, made of one part silicon dioxide & two parts oxygen. Quartz is found as a main component in many other minerals and is present in numerous other rock formations in various environments. Quartz is very durable and can resist chemical and mechanical weathering, thus why it is an important rock-forming mineral. It is found in all sizes and shapes; the sand on our beach shores, riverbeds and mountaintops.

Quartz has many other purposes besides jewelry and healing, it is one of the most useful natural resources. Quartz sand comprised of 100% quartz grains are used in the glass making industry, including fiberglass. Due to its high melting temperature and resistance to chemicals, quartz is used in foundry sand. The electronics industry greatly benefits from quartz. Quartz can produce a positive and negative charge at opposite ends. Temperature changes can also cause positive and negative charges to development within the mineral. These properties and its transparent appearance make quartz valuable in electronic applications. It should be noted that all electronic grade quartz is artificially manufactured.

Historically, Quartz has been noted throughout the globe. Ancient cultures in South and Central America are noted for the Crystal Skulls, which are believed to be ( or have been) living entities. Since the Middle Ages we have seen clear crystal formed into spheres for divination, scrying and healing.

Quartz is often called the “Universal Crystal” because of its many uses. It has a harmonizing and calming effect on the body and mind. It is a stone of clarity, enhancing thoughts, making this a beneficial stone for mediation, manifesting, healing and channeling. Quartz can be used to purify and clear the mind and spirit, dispelling and clearing negative energy. Quartz crystals will amplify other stones properties and energizing other crystals.

In chakra healing quartz can be used on all chakras. Quartz placed on the third eye chakra for clarity of physic vision and used for spirit communication.

KEYWORDS: Power, Energy, Clarity