Heres to the 1st Blog Post for #MCM Mineral Crush Monday ! 

I’ll start off with some mineral facts and transition into healing properties. I like to cover all aspects – as there are so many things to learn about Crystals, Gems , Minerals & Stones. 

Mineral Facts & Properties 

Tiger’s Eye is a *pseudomorph compact of Quartz & **Crocodolite. The Quartz dissolves over the Crocodolite and leaves a matrix of fine asbestos fibers occurring in layers. The blue black fibers of the crocodolite give the quartz a a blue-green sheen, better known as Falcon’s Eye. When the inclusions oxidizes the notiable yellow & brown colors appear.

The silky waving layers is what is called Chatoyant. Tiger Eye is referred to as a chatoyant gemstone because it resembles the eye of the cat.

Tiger’s Eye can be found in several colors: yellow, red-brown, and blue being common.The blue variety is also known as Hawk’s Eye quartz, Hawk’s Eye, Blue Tiger’s Eye or Falcon’s Eye.  

Most Tiger’s Eye is natural and not treated, however you might find some maroon or red Tiger’s Eye dyed & heat exposed deepen the color effect.

Healing Properties 

Tiger’s Eye is used in healing the lower Chakras , Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus. Tiger’s Eye is known as a protection stone, and was worn by Roman solider’s going into battle and enduring long journeys.

Wear this stone to promote clear thinking, courage, power, protection & luck .

One mineral that chemically replaces another mineral without changing the external form of the original mineral.
There are several types of pseudomorphs:

– See more at: http://www.minerals.net/mineral_glossary/pseudomorph.aspx#sthash.WSwNJINV.dpuf


**Fibrous, asbestos variety of Riebeckite.