Mineral Crush Monday Diamonds


Pear Cut or Square Shape These Rocks won’t Loose Shape ~ DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND!

The Facts

Diamond is the hardest mineral, greatest conductor of heat, has the highest melting point of any substance and the highest refractive point than any other natural mineral. Diamonds display great luster and brilliance giving the gemstone a shiny polished look. The high luster and brilliance is what gives Diamonds their Sparkle that we all love.

Diamonds are the most popular of gemstones because of their hardness, brilliance and rarity. Diamonds are used for much more than just jewelry, 80% of mined Diamonds are used industrially and less than 20% is of gem quality. Diamond is used in thermal insulators, optics, electronics and abrasives. The only way to cut and polish a Diamond is with a Diamond blade saw, which is composed of tiny Diamond studs.

Originally these gemstones were found in river and beach gravels but now mined in volcanic rock. These natural and rare beauties are composed of carbon and not native to Earth’s surface. Diamonds form at high temperatures and pressures deep below Earth’s surface, about 100 miles down. Most of the Diamonds discovered have been brought up to the surface by deep volcanic eruptions. Because Diamonds have a high melting point they can withstand the heat from the eruption without melting. As the eruptions begin in Earth’s mantle and travel up, tiny pieces of mantle rock deliver the Diamonds to the surface. The gemstone is mined from rock called Xenoliths or by mining the soils and sediments that form as the Diamond rock weathers away.

Some Diamonds have been formed from asteroid impacted sites, and some have been delivered to Earth in meteorites. Far Out!

Healing Properties

Diamonds are known as the stone of Innocence, a stone of purity from the heart. Hence the use of the gemstone in engagement rings. Diamonds active the crown chakra, bringing clarity and inspiring the mind. Cut Diamonds not set in jewelry can be used for healing. The energy in Diamonds is so strong that it is recommended to combine other stones and crystals to calm the vibrations.